5 of the best sites to earn extra online at no cost

Do you fill out surveys online? Do you take surveys for cash? Do you like to get paid for filling out internet surveys by PayPal? Do you like to get paid for filling out surveys by check? Do you like the idea of making money from home or wherever you log onto the internet in your spare time?


Do you fill out surveys online? Do you take surveys for cash? Do you like to get paid for filling out internet surveys by PayPal? Do you like to get paid for filling out surveys by check? Do you like the idea of making money from home or wherever you log onto the internet in your spare time?

I have been doing surveys long enough to have seen many low quality sites, been rejected from surveys, paid to join a site and been ripped off, done surveys to never get paid for them etc. I still love surveys though and I decided to help other people to navigate beyond the bad sites to the promised land.

The sites below are all free to join and use. Most offer some bonus money just to register. Most offer payment through PayPal, the best type in my opinion. But most importantly of all, I have joined, used and successfully cashed out with all of them. So I know they are for real and can confidently promote them to you.

Look through the list and choose a few. Register, confirm and fill out the profile sections to qualify yourself for surveys. Then take some time to get to know the sites. Take the surveys you are interested in or invited to. Decline the surveys you don’t think are worth the time or seem boring. Quit the sites you do not enjoy and sign up for a new one in its place. Stay active and find your groove.

Bookmark or favorite this list. Follow this blog for more great tips and insights on how to make extra income online. Do this for yourself. Do this for your loved ones. Do this to better your financial situation and spend your time online constructively. And most importantly, have fun! If you get through this list and still want more choices, be sure to check out even more great free sites to earn online.


  • $5 minimum cash out threshold
  • reward by PayPal, paper check, gift cards
  • earn money to test new products
  • earn money to take surveys and polls
  • most surveys between $1 and $5 to complete
  • members wanted from US, UK, Canada and Australia
  • read a full review of Toluna before joining
  • register to join Toluna

VIP Voice

  • NO minimum cash out threshold
  • rewards by merchandise, cash and gift cards
  • five tier levels, survey compensation goes up the more you do
  • use points to enter sweepstakes or bid on merchandise
  • once invited to a survey on VIP you will not be disqualified
  • get invited to partner site surveys as well
  • notifies by email of survey opportunity
  • members wanted from US and Canada
  • read a full review of VIP Voice
  • register to join VIP Voice


  • NO minimum cash out threshold
  • reward by paper check
  • every survey worth at least $1
  • high paying surveys for technical fields of expertise i.e. IT, banking, business management and many others
  • notifies by email of a survey opportunity
  • industry leading referral program to increase earnings if interested
  • members wanted from US and Canada
  • read a full review of Survey Savvy
  • register at Survey Savvy


  • $5 minimum reward
  • all ‘swagbucks’ are redeemable for PayPal deposit or retailer gift cards
  • earn swagbucks from searching the net, playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers…
  • Gift cards from a lot of places – facebook, walmart, target…huge selection of retailers in lots of categories
  • They are giving a $5 bonus for spending $25 in their shop-and-earn area.
  • members wanted from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia
  • read a full review of Swagbucks
  • register to join Swagbucks


Also be sure to check out my list of five more free sites to generate income online.


How to earn money with DoorDash

Bring home the bacon. Start delivering today and make great money on your own schedule.

So many of us today are in a tough situation with our finances today. Our main source of income has been curtailed or stopped. We do not know how we are going to pay our bills moving forward. Governments are trying to help but we cannot rely on them completely. We need to take action, and immediately, to secure our financial life moving forward.

Recently there have been some changes to our culture that are not going away any time soon. A big change that we are all adapting to is that restaurants are closed for eat-in business. While some places like pizza and sandwiches get a large portion of their business from delivery or carryout as the norm, most restaurants could not previously survive without filling the tables with patrons on any given night.

With local economies struggling, individuals should be adapting their income strategies. In these uncertain times you need more than one source of income more than ever. DoorDash just might be a good part of the solution for you. Let’s dive into what exactly DoorDash is and how you earn money providing services for this company.

DoorDash refers to their drivers as “Dashers”. Becoming a Dasher can significantly boost your income. It is a flexible gig with reliable support. DoorDash basically provides a delivery service for any participating restaurant and there are an abundance of choices for you to earn.

What you will need to qualify and drive

You must be at least 18 years old, own a vehicle with valid insurance and an iPhone or Android phone.

You must pass a background and driving record check, have a valid social security number.

Once you apply you will need to complete an orientation online or in person.

That’s it! There are really minimal requirements to get started.

What you might earn at DoorDash

You can make over $30 an hour working for this service, which is not bad considering there is no training or education required and almost anyone can perform this task.

DoorDash estimates that most drivers will earn at least $15 an hour and up to $25 an hour while working. If you look at driver testimonials on YouTube they speak about averaging 2 or three orders an hour at $7-$10 an order. That works out to between $14 and $30 an hour. This number includes the delivery fee, of which you get to keep 100%, and tips.

This pay rate does not include boosts, which will show up on your Dasher app and give you opportunity to earn even more if you hit certain goals while driving.

Here are some other tips to increase your success with DoorDash.

  • Drive during peak hours – lunchtime and dinnertime are going to yield more choices for orders and give you more opportunity to earn. Outside of these times you can stay in your car but switch to another service to earn such as Uber, Lyft and others to keep earning.
  • Avoid high traffic neighborhoods – getting in and out quickly is key to maintaining your efficiency and accumulating orders. Know your route. Avoid tough spots to hand off the food to your customer. Avoid any area where you might have to pay for parking.
  • Accept higher dollar orders – The bigger the order, the bigger the tip will be. You can reject orders to keep your average up, but be careful because DoorDash does rate you on the percentage of orders you accept. Don’t worry too much though as you will get a warning before any other action is taken against you for rejecting orders too often.

Overall recommendation

DoorDash really is a great way to earn income from driving. The flexibility in hours is key for many people, so you can work whenever you want and as much or as little as you want. Drivers report that this company compares well to its competitors and to other ways of earning from driving.

More resources to learn about DoorDash

There is a Reddit group for drivers – https://www.reddit.com/r/doordash/

Online income strategies in 2020 for beginners

Easy ways for beginners to start making money online in 2020.

Do you need to earn income from home? Do you have a laptop or smartphone and internet connection? Do you have some time to invest but no money to invest? I can help. I have been earning online for a decade. During these trying times we need to come together and give each other any support we can. If you read on to the bottom and try the techniques and you will not be disappointed. I have assisted thousands of people with earning online over the years and it makes me feel good but there has never been a time when this is so important for so many of us.

For most people, 2020 started out on a positive note. We had no idea how bad things would become. New Years resolutions were made, plans set in motion but things quickly took a bad turn. If you are like so many of us you started working from home instead of out of the office, got laid off, furloughed, saw your business dry up in an instant, no customers to sell to, you need to stay home with your children, or got your hours drastically cut.

Maybe you still have your job, but got your salary reduced or got a demotion. Many teams were downsized and in cases like this it is best to look forward. We are fortunate these days to have many resources at our fingertips right in the comfort of our homes. There are solutions out there, you just need to find them and get connected, get familiar with how it all works. Further down I am going to give you all the info to get started.

Immediate concerns come to mind. How to pay the rent, mortgage, all the other monthly utilities and subscriptions? How much will health care cost? How fast will savings be depleted? Though not your fault, this situation doesn’t absolve you of your responsibilities, of your need to make a living. At least half of Americans will run out of savings within three months.

It is time to stop worrying and take action. With the simple steps I outline below you are going to have a huge head start. Before we get into that I want to take a minute and tell you about my own experiences with earning online. It has been many years since I started and let me tell you I know how you feel right now. There is a lot of pressure to make money in today’s world and luckily I found this additional revenue to get me through a very tight spot in my life. I write posts like this to help people who will need this right now. I have learned exactly how to make significant money online and I want to pass these techniques on to those who need them.

The last economic downturn, labelled the Great Recession, was in 2007-2009. It was during that time that I found myself in a tough situation as I was suddenly unemployed with a young family to feed. Property values plummeted. The stock market crashed and crashed hard. No one was hiring anyone. What to do?

One day, between sending out resumes and searching job posting sites, I came across a curious advertisement. This little ad said it wanted to pay me for my opinions. I had never heard of such a job and curiosity won out as I clicked the link. I didn’t know it at the time but that click started my journey online making money to provide for my family.

After that first click, which was luckily leading to a long standing legitimate site, I began to have hope that there was real money to be made online. I started immediately scouring the internet far and wide, searching for other ways to make money from home. I needed money, and fast. It was exhausting and frustrating, hour after hour, day after day, learning a completely new way to bring in some income.

There were many lessons to learn, many mistakes made on my personal journey. I wasted so much time on dead end sites, gave my time to bad actors that didn’t pay in the end. I thought about giving up many times, a voice of defeat telling me to quit, that this is never going to work. I kept at it, largely because any ‘real world’ job was mostly unavailable. Over time, with trial and error and also with lots of research, my daily earnings grew and I was able to focus each precious minute on tasks that earn money.

You have the opportunity to skip all of that frustration, to follow the path that proved successful for me. I don’t have an IT degree. There is nothing special about me and the way I ‘made it’ online other than some blind luck and obsessive devotion to this quest. I was in front of the computer for 14 hours a day. Those first months took a toll on my mental and physical health. My relationships suffered as I was always frustrated and worried about my family and how to provide for them.

Thank you for reading this far. Together we are going to get you some money from working online and here are the real details. Remember I told you my first dabbling into online earning was to get paid for telling people my opinion. Sounds easy, right? It can be. You need to find the right companies to work for, the ones who are upfront and actually pay you for the time you spend on their site. You need to only work with long standing reputable companies. Over the years I have found these and I want to share them now.

The companies I am sharing here have ALL passed the following tests before I will encourage other people to try them.

They have all actually paid me real money. I have made thousands of dollars from these very companies and they are your best bet to get started.

They have all been in business for years and have a clean reputation. I have thrown out many more companies than I keep in my stable of employers. Only the best deserve your time.

They all have no cost to be a full member. You might hear many people online, salesmen, who will tell you that you need to invest money to get an online business. My techniques from the beginning were about making money, not starting a business that would take an investment of money. The only risk you are taking here is with your time. Who has money to invest when they are not making enough to pay all the bills?

No spam will be sent to you or cause any scams to come to your inbox. If you get emails from these companies, it will be by your own choice and the emails will be directly related to opportunities to make money through the companies themselves.

They are all perfect for beginners, for people like you who are just starting to explore online earnings. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and see your first payments. I mentioned that I got paid for my opinions and this is where I want you to start, as anyone can do it.

Finally, they are all extremely simple to use and you get your first payment quickly, often with bonuses for just signing up before you even begin earning! Legitimate companies want you to stick around for a long time and stay active on their portals. They too make money from your efforts and this is how they stay in business.

Ok here is the point where you take action. Be focused and hopeful because you are about to succeed.

1) Open each link and sign up with your basic information. This is so you can get paid and so the company knows you are a real person.

2) Confirm your email address when you get sent that first email from the company. Some people like to use a dedicated email address for online earning so these communications do not get mixed in with your personal email, but this is not necessary if you have a good email to use already.

3) Go through the tutorials for each site. I have chosen sites for you that are user friendly and can walk you step by step through their money making techniques.

4) Start making money. Focus your time on tasks that make sense and have a high return on dollars for the time spent. Everyone is different so this is where you get to really maximize your income potential. When you have questions, come back here to comment and I will be happy to help. The companies all have their own support staff as well to guide you through any tough patches.

5) Bookmark this blog post, come back to it and this blog to continue to get tips and tricks to earn more. You are just beginning and the pace at which you grow your earnings is up to you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

The list


VIP Voice




Work at Home Moms

Get paid working from home

Survey Junkie

There you have it. This is a great starting point for you. As you register to work for these companies and get familiar, you will want more resources for income eventually.

Now it is time for you to dive in and get started earning! Come back to this blog often for important reviews and updates to keep you earning online! Remember, more income equals a better lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Sincerely, Paul

Earnings report from paid survey sites

Online earnings reports have always generated interest. When first hearing that one could make money online from home, it leads to many questions. Is this true? How on earth is this possible? Wow could I do this too? Yes you can.

Online earnings reports have always generated interest. When first hearing that one could make money online from home, it leads to many questions. Is this true? How on earth is this possible? Wow could I do this too?

Years ago I asked myself these same questions. The search for answers began immediately! It started out with much pain. Wasted hours of work, scams and dead ends. Slowly but surely I would find something that worked. One of the first things that actually paid me was taking online surveys. I will detail what sites and how much I’ve actually made a little later on in the post.

Many of the flashiest sites out there, promising huge payouts with minimal effort, well, they are usually too good to be true. This was a painful lesson to learn and almost made me quit trying to take surveys for money online. But like with anything else online, applying the 25/75 rule helped to turn it around and make it successful for me.

What is the 25/75 rule? Spend 25% of your online time learning all about your niche, goal, skill, approach you want to use to make money online. Then spend 75% of your time implementing and perfecting what you’ve learned. If you follow this formula, results will come and continually get better.

So following this rule I started coming across great resources, like one site called Survey Police. To my delight, I found this was a great review site. Anyone who has joined and used a paid survey site can leave a review and tell us all how their experience went. Most of the big survey sites are represented here, along with details of how each site operates.

Armed with this new information, any time I came across a new site that I might join I opened up the Survey Police review and checked out what people had to say, good or bad. I dodged a few stinkers that way. Over time and with other tricks and tips that got discovered, I found that it was possible to male a few hundred dollars a month in my spare time online.

Seeing the money come in, still a trickle, led to more time spent and a refocus on how much was being made per hour. At one point a couple of years ago I calculated that I was able to make up to $12 an hour just from taking surveys. I had developed a legitimate pipeline for making decent money on the side from home with nothing more than a laptop or phone.

Free Money at FusionCash!

How much have I made? Well I have used many sites over the years. Some have gone out of business, some changed their format, some are as strong as ever. I have included earnings for five sites in this post though I have earned from many more. All of the included sites have direct referral programs. That means, if I refer you to join the site and you make money on the site, I earn a commission. So I only want to tell you about sites that you will earn money using. Otherwise what a waste of time this would be.

Here is the earnings report as of the published date of this post.

Five free sites that have paid me over $2000.

InstaGCI have earned $811.89 from this site.

PaidViewpointI have earned $446.71 from this site.

Branded SurveysI have earned $439.29 from this site.

Fusion CashI have earned $302.40 from this site.(Fusion Cash is currently offering a $5 bonus just to register)

SwagbucksI have made $287.29 from this site.

Keep in mind that I am still using all these sites and the totals continue to increase daily. If you want to make some extra money from using these free survey sites, click their names above to register and get started. This will never cost you anything, no credit card number, no fees, no paid upgrades, ever.

Are there any weaknesses to this tactic of using paid survey sites to make some extra dough in your spare time? sure. Some say they dont get paid enough to be worth their time. Some say they get disqualified often from surveys after answering many questions. Some say that the site will never actually pay you, it’s just a number somewhere on an anonymous website.

While I have found all these complaints to be perfectly true, I have also found that the ‘bad’ sites give the good ones a terrible reputation. I too felt this way about survey sites when I was chasing the shiny objects and had not learned how to successfully navigate these waters.

There are many advantages to taking surveys on your computer or phone to earn some side income. You get to do it when you want. Whether it’s 6AM before anyone else has gotten out of bed on a Saturday, or 8PM on a Tuesday night after we put the kids to bed, or during a Netflix binge of Tidying Up or Property Hunters I can make some money with a few easy clicks.

We want to thank you for reading this post, and sincerely hope that you will find this earnings report to help you in your search for online income. Please leave your comments below with your own favorite survey sites or experiences with the five we shared.

Share your link here

Do you have something to share with the world? It can be very frustrating when you know there are so many people out there that might be interested. But how do you get it in front of their eyes? That is the first key to online marketing. You need what is called traffic.

Do you have something to share with the world? It can be very frustrating when you know there are so many people out there that might be interested. But how do you get it in front of their eyes? That is the first key to online marketing. You need what is called traffic.

“The next evolution of content marketing is not more content; it’s better distribution.” – Christopher Penn

What are some forms of traffic? Well there are Facebook pages and groups. There are other social media and sharing platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Digg and Exchangle. You could start a free blog on WordPress or Tumblr or Blogger. There is search engine traffic.

“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.”Jay Baer, author & inspirational marketing speaker

No matter what you are trying to share, if no one sees it there is no point in sharing it. We are here to help.

We are inviting everyone to comment on this post with your link or offer. Include a website if you have one. There is no charge for this, nothing is expected in return.

Why should you post your link in the comments here? Well consider that hundreds of people will read this post every week. That is quite a few potential customers. Also if you have a website or blog, dropping your link here helps your SEO score and can get you more organic search results.

The whole point is to get noticed. The more active you are online the more the search engines value your content. Comment here with your link and your pitch. Like other comments and reply to them. We will promote this post and get lots of attention on your links.

Follow this blog to get lots of great marketing, money making, blogging tips.

What are the best groups to advertise on Facebook?

How do you spread the word about your information using Facebook groups? Learn what do do here.

How do you spread the word about your opportunity on Facebook? Well we recommend many ways but one important part of your strategy Facebook groups. There are several methods to connect in groups as well. We will discuss these methods and give you a list of groups to join and use. If you have a group to add to the list plese include it in comments.

One often overlooked tab in groups is the files tab. If you open it up you can create a file or upload a file to the group. Adding information here is a great way of getting long term exposure. When you open the ‘add doc’ button you will be given a blank slate much like a word document. You are even given the option to include a header picture.

Another great way to get eyes on your business is to make videos. These can be uploaded into the discussion or uploaded into the video tab. Videos are more important on Facebook all the time and see more views than text or even photo posts. Be sure to try several takes to get a good polished product to upload. You can always try Facebook live here too if you want to gather a live audience.

Of course the most common way to get to a group is to post your offer in the discussion. Use a catchy image or even a video to catch their eyes. Most groups don’t want you to post more than once a day but some do not mind additional posts.

When posting to groups there are some things to consider. If you post -here is my link!- a few people will see it on their feeds and maybe a few more when they check the group. If you ask a question or want the viewer to comment this can be a much more effective tool. Because of Facebooks algorithms, every time someone comments on your post it bumps to the top of the feed. When this happens it is a s good as you making a new post. I have seen posts linger at the top of a group for days, garnering hundreds of comments and generating a massive amounts of leads from one post. This is your goal, for the post to ‘go viral’ within the group and get huge exposure. I recommend you do not include your link in every post. Also keep in mind that if you post your link too many times of too fast, Facebook will block you to slow you down. They do not want their platform flooded with free advertisements, which they then consider spam and treat accordingly.

Are you ready for the list? We have had success with these ten groups which all have at least ten thousand members. There are so many groups on Facebook, you should discover and join more that are in your niche too. If the group is too big your post will drop down the feed too fast for anyone to see. If the group is too small no one is watching. So there is a sweet spot between ten thousand and fifty thousand that you want to focus on. Here they are, just join and post. Good luck and thanks for reading! Remember to add a group in comments if you want our viewers to join that one as well.











How can a beginner earn every single day online, guaranteed?

So you need to make some money, and you need it now? I hear from people all the time who are currently in a bad situation, for whatever reason they cannot makes ends meet and they are searching for help. This post is for you.

So you need to make some money, and you need it now? I hear from people all the time who are currently in a bad situation, for whatever reason they cannot makes ends meet and they are searching for help. This post is for you. Read it and follow the suggested path and you will earn money every single day. Oh, did I mention it is free? All you will require is an internet connection and your time.

You are now standing at the top of a mountain called Online Earnings. We are going to make you a little snowball of income and let it roll down.

If you want to skip my motivational speeches and pontifications, skip right down to STEP BY STEP and get started.

If you’ve never worked online and decide to give it a try, it can be very intimidating. I was in a pinch myself in the spring of 2014. I had a problem, cashflow, and it needed to be solved in a bad way. Two young kids and a wife depending on me. So off I went on a journey online and I’m still going.

Day after day, week after week I toiled in front of the screen. I hit many dead ends, wasted lots of time on flashy ideas that promised easy riches. As with most lessons, I learned mine from mistakes. But I kept at it and started figuring it out. Before long I was earning consistently and I will never forget the first $100 day. What a milestone, it felt great.

Would you like to get there too? Your first $100 day, your first $1000 month. Imagine them, work at them consistently and they will become reality. Honestly you when I started I did not have a penny to invest in anything. I was ridiculed by those selling things. You cant make money without money, so they told me. Well, I set out to prove them wrong.

With this goal and determination I charged forward. Starting with all free sites, I earned a few dollars. I learned how to turn a few dollars into a few more, investing in myself and my online endeavors. Dollar by dollar it came together. My snowball rolled and grew.

You might be asking yourself – So when is he going to tell me this golden nugget of info? Why is he telling me this info? How can this be free to me?

First, soon but remember dear reader that I did give you fair warning to skip my ramblings. Second, I want you to make money. I am an affiliate marketer. I make money when you take action online and make money. I either get commission from you signing up for free offers, or commission from when you actually use the sites to make money. I’m asking you to join these sites, but I need you to make money using them as well. Last but not least, it is free because these sites have clients. The clients pay them money for information and analysis. The site pay you for your tasks using that money, to complete the assigned contract with their client. You get paid, the site does good business, and the client gets the product it needs. Imagine you deliver pizzas. The customer pays for the pizza, the pizza parlor makes the pizza. You just deliver it and get a cut in the form of delivery fee or tip. You will be this delivery driver of sorts.

If that all makes sense and you are still here, it will be worth it. Here are the four sites chosen for you. All four have some things in common. They are well run, reputable companies. They require no money from members like you. No credit card to enter, no upsales, no fees, no money will flow from you to anyone using my method to make this guaranteed money. They all offer members ways to earn without being qualified or passing screening of some sort. If you live in a country that accepts members like the United States then you are a sure winner. Here we go.


Step 1 – Follow the links below and join these three sites. It will take a short time to fill out your email and some brief personal info for identification, just like any reputable employer would ask for. Confirm your email and you can get started. When you have done this come back here for the rest of the steps. I’ve included two bonus sites later in case you want to really get going full speed and three is just not enough.

VIP Voice – Accepting members from USA, Canada. Ages 13 & up. Join here.

Swagbucks – Accepting members from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Ireland. Ages 13 and up. Join here.

Toluna – Accepting members from USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. Ages 16 and up. Join here.

Step 2 – Start using the sites. They all have terrific tutorials and help sections. Read them. Start with these guaranteed tasks first.

VIP Voice – Click on Survey Center. Click Take Survey Now. Complete the survey. Repeat until the site tells you there are no more surveys left. Come back later or tomorrow. I often get a survey where you fill out a food diary for a week and get paid $25. That’s $100 a month for keeping track of what you eat! The surveys and food diary usually takes me about two to three hours a week. Estimate $4 a day earnings.

Swagbucks – This site is a goldmine for those who know how to use it. Be sure to daily play SwagIQ trivia, daily poll, spin and win, team challenge, Swago, surveys, watch videos, coupons, daily & monthly bonuses and much more. Take some time to master this site and it will be worth it. Estimate $2 a day earnings.

Toluna – This company works with Amazon, CBS, Sony Music, Kelloggs, Heineken, and Expedia among others. Daily polls are guaranteed money and there are quite a few of them. Take some easy surveys, dive as deep as you want. Estimate $1 a day earnings.

Step 3 – Cash out to make these earnings real. The sites will show you exactly how. I prefer PayPal payments but an Amazon or Walmart gift card is always handy. Notice that I have shown you $7 a day in easy money. If you stay active and use these sites once a day, your result is about $200 a month in gravy earnings.

Step 4 – Enjoy your earnings if you are satisfied. If you do well and want more like I did, then you have some things to leanr. My advise at this point is to spend 25% of your time online seeking out information from blogs, sites, trusted sources. Then spend 75% of your time implementing what you’ve learned. You can take your earnings and invest it in a more serious online business. You can write a blog and use these earnings to pay for the website, marketing tools and training, advertising etc.

Step 5 – This is not really a step but four steps seemed a bit short. That’s how easy it is really when you break it down. Now that you have earned your first dollars online the sky is the limit. Please follow this blog, comment on your ideas or opinions here, and remember to have fun and take breaks from the screen!

Well I haven’t forgotten, I promised two bonus sites to boost those earnings. Join PaidViewpoint to get daily trait surveys for ten cents each guaranteed as well as other opportunities. Last but not least join Branded Surveys for a daily poll. Its worth five cents day in and day out. This is a dynamic site with a lot going on. These sites can easily have daily earnings above $1 each but not a huge guaranteed income which is why I did not include them in the top three list here. They are two of my favorites to use.

This may be a ton of information to take in all at once but give yourself a little time to test out these sites. You may not enjoy this method or think it’s too slow. I understand and there are many pathways to earning online. This is just one easy one that I know how to teach and have used successfully. Follow this blog to keep seeing topics that will help you earn more income, which leads to a better lifestyle. Thanks for reading!

What is the best survey site to earn money online?

By giving your opinions, you will be influencing current events. These polls play an important part of newscasts, articles and commentary on current events.

Have you heard of Toluna.com? Influence. That’s the one word I would use to describe this site. By giving your opinions, you will be influencing current events. These polls play an important part of newscasts, articles and commentary on current events. You will see references to these polls throughout your day such as “In a recent poll, 55% of Americans are in support of x”. This is from your survey participation!

Toluna is an online survey site. Over 21 million people have used this website to answer surveys and test products. If you take surveys for money on your computer, this is a site you are going to want to investigate. All 21 million members can’t be wrong!

Toluna is free to use. They offer members paid surveys, polls and in-home product testing. This site uses a point system for rewards that can be converted to PayPal or gift cards. Basically 30 points is equivalent to one penny. So 30,000 points gets you ten dollars worth of rewards. They must have some reason to use this system instead of cash values but in the end it makes no difference. When you redeem your points they do turn into cash.

Let’s talk about product testing. This is a great feature of Toluna, since it is mostly a survey site and you rarely find a site that offers in-home testing of new products as well as surveys. Even if I did not take surveys online as a hobby, I would still join and use this feature of the site.

Every week or so you can look under the ‘Explore’ tab and click product testing. This will take you to the product testing screen where you can see any active offers and future offers. I try to visit this page often as I do not want to miss any free offers. After using this site for less than two months I actually received one product to test! I enjoyed the product (mine was worth about five dollars) and the best part is that I got paid to use it as well.

Of course Toluna’s bread and butter are their surveys. They also offer paid polls every day which I always try to click every day on any site that offers them for the free quick money.

On sites that let you search and try any survey that is open like this one does, the more you try the more you will get rejected from. If you are disqualified from a survey in most cases you still get some compensation at Toluna. This is a nice cushion that softens the blow of rejection. Toluna offers a wide variety of surveys that you can take, and they also show you which ones they recommend you try. Only doing the surveys they invite you to should really cut down on you being disqualified.

Once you have some surveys and points under your belt, check out the rewards section. This is a straightforward area of the site and most rewards are offered as retailer gift cards. If you want a PayPal deposit or paper check those are available too. Choose from iTunes, Best Buy, Facebook, Redbox and many more for the gift cards.

I have always gotten prompt payment from Toluna. I usually get the $20 PayPal deposit and have also tried the $10 iTunes credit. Both were delivered without a hitch.

Toluna is overall a very well run site. They have found a good balance between offering many surveys and narrowing it down for people. They are free to join and use, so even if you are just registering for the weekly paid product testing it is worth it. They pay in all the common ways. They have a great reputation in the industry and have been around a long time.

Toluna has a sister site as well. They own and run the VIP Voice survey site. They are both owned by The Toluna Group with US headquarters in Dallas and based out of Paris France.

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This company has been reliable year after year to earn taking surveys online

If you have never tried taking surveys online, this is this site to get you started. If you take surveys for money on your computer, this is another site you might want to add to your list of great places to earn rewards. It is well run, has been around for a long time, and has a great reputation. You can earn some serious rewards by signing up and filling out simple surveys.

Have you heard of VIP Voice?

VIP Voice is an online survey site. When you listen to the news and they say ‘according to a recent survey…’ they are talking about sites like VIP Voice.

If you have never tried taking surveys online, this is this site to get you started. If you take surveys for money on your computer, this is another site you might want to add to your list of great places to earn rewards. It is well run, has been around for a long time, and has a great reputation. You can earn some serious rewards by signing up and filling out simple surveys.

VIP Voice is free to use. You will never be asked for a credit card or any payment information. You will never be charged any type of fee for earning on the site. They offer members paid surveys and have a unique system to reward members for their contributions. This site uses a point system for rewards that are then used to bid on merchandise or enter sweepstakes. The more surveys you complete, the more you are rewarded for each one.

VIP Voice feels different from other survey sites. Several things add to this feeling. The first thing you will notice is that when you log on and click on the big ‘Survey Center’ button, you are taken to a screen that shows your recent activity. There is another button called ‘Take Survey Now’. When you click it one of two things will happen. Either you will be shown details on an available survey including the estimated time to complete and compensation…or told that there is no survey available for you to take.

When you first join VIP Voice you will be compensated 50 points for each survey you complete. As you get more completed surveys credited to your account your ranking will move up and eventually the reward for each survey is 200 points.

VIP Voice does not always offer cash as a reward. While I normally prefer the green stuff, in this case it is another angle to maximize your earnings. Let me explain. When points are put into your account (instantly upon survey completion) you can do one of two things with them. You can buy sweepstakes entries to win cash or prizes… or bid on items that are up for auction. The items available are constantly changing. As you can see below, in the 60 days shown I picked 8 song downloads and sports gear (a Chicago Bears hat).

VIP Bidland winnings
VIP Bidland winnings

These items were won in auctions. As you can see with the song downloads I try to get them for under 300 points but sometimes when you want a new song, you want it now and I have paid way more than that at times. Some of the items offered in the past include ipod shuffles, movie kiosk rentals, restaurant gift certificates, household appliances, bicycles, vacations, phone accessories and much much more.

VIP Voice is always updating the site, adding or upgrading a feature here or there. They have run a ‘drive to 5’ promotion where if you complete at least 5 surveys in a month you get thousands of bonus points with no catch. They have a ‘Pigskin Pick ‘Em’ contest where you choose who you think will win NFL games with cash prizes every week for winners.

UPDATE: VIP sometimes offers a food diary. You will be asked to record all foods you eat for a one week period. I have done this many times and it takes about two hours total. At the end of the week you will be given bonus points for the site as well as a $25 visa gift card for participation.

This is a fun site that is fun to use, simple but yet always keeps getting better to keep interest of members. This site is run by the Toluna Group, a longstanding, well respected market research company. They run a different survey site called Toluna that also offers free product trials.

If you take paid surveys online then VIP Voice should be on your list of sites to check out and it just may become one of your favorites too.

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