Easy Side Gig For Extra Income

If you are like me, you are always looking for a way to make a few easy extra dollars a month. Having some extra money always feels good and comes in handy. Having an easy side gig for extra income is essential to your success. I want to talk to you about a great little side gig that can bring in a steady flow of cash with very little effort.

Paidviewpoint is about as straightforward as it gets for reliable easy income online. Read on to find out my three favorite things about this easy side gig for extra income.


No Disqualifications

Any time you are clicking to earn some extra money on Paidviewpoint, you are getting paid. No wasted clicks. No wasted time. No disqualifications. This survey site never asks you a question that you do not get paid to answer. If you have ever taken surveys online for money, you know just how exciting this is. Time is money and this site respects that fact.

Daily Opportunities

This is a very active site. So yes you get paid for every click you make and yes you get to do this at least once a day. Often members get multiple nice opportunities in one day. It’s nice to know that when you go to the site during your daily routine that you will most likely get rewarded with a guaranteed survey to take. And you will not be disqualified.

Easy Cash Out

At Paidviewpoint, you can cash out to Paypal, Amazon, Walmart, all the normal ways and more. The minimum? Just five dollars. Members are often cashing out more than one a week. The reward is reviewed promptly to guard against fraud, and often available the next day. I have never had trouble or delay in cashing out from this site.

Read on below for some bonus reasons why you will enjoy using this site.



Do you know anyone else that takes surveys online as an easy side gig for extra income? If you do, introduce them to Paidviewpoint for a nice reward. Members who successfully get new members to join the site will get 20% of that new members income as a commission. So if you invite your friend and they earn $100 on the site, $10 will automatically be in your account. There is no minimum for them to earn so you get rewarded for any activity they click!

Charitable Options

You can choose to take this easy side gig for extra income and give all or part of your earnings to various charities. Spend a few minutes a day of your spare time to make the world a better place!

If you have not tried Paidviewpoint as an easy side gig for extra income, I urge you to do so now. Good luck!


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How to earn money with DoorDash

Bring home the bacon. Start delivering today and make great money on your own schedule.

So many of us today are in a tough situation with our finances today. Our main source of income has been curtailed or stopped. We do not know how we are going to pay our bills moving forward. Governments are trying to help but we cannot rely on them completely. We need to take action, and immediately, to secure our financial life moving forward.

Recently there have been some changes to our culture that are not going away any time soon. A big change that we are all adapting to is that restaurants are closed for eat-in business. While some places like pizza and sandwiches get a large portion of their business from delivery or carryout as the norm, most restaurants could not previously survive without filling the tables with patrons on any given night.

With local economies struggling, individuals should be adapting their income strategies. In these uncertain times you need more than one source of income more than ever. DoorDash just might be a good part of the solution for you. Let’s dive into what exactly DoorDash is and how you earn money providing services for this company.

DoorDash refers to their drivers as “Dashers”. Becoming a Dasher can significantly boost your income. It is a flexible gig with reliable support. DoorDash basically provides a delivery service for any participating restaurant and there are an abundance of choices for you to earn.

What you will need to qualify and drive

You must be at least 18 years old, own a vehicle with valid insurance and an iPhone or Android phone.

You must pass a background and driving record check, have a valid social security number.

Once you apply you will need to complete an orientation online or in person.

That’s it! There are really minimal requirements to get started.

What you might earn at DoorDash

You can make over $30 an hour working for this service, which is not bad considering there is no training or education required and almost anyone can perform this task.

DoorDash estimates that most drivers will earn at least $15 an hour and up to $25 an hour while working. If you look at driver testimonials on YouTube they speak about averaging 2 or three orders an hour at $7-$10 an order. That works out to between $14 and $30 an hour. This number includes the delivery fee, of which you get to keep 100%, and tips.

This pay rate does not include boosts, which will show up on your Dasher app and give you opportunity to earn even more if you hit certain goals while driving.

Here are some other tips to increase your success with DoorDash.

  • Drive during peak hours – lunchtime and dinnertime are going to yield more choices for orders and give you more opportunity to earn. Outside of these times you can stay in your car but switch to another service to earn such as Uber, Lyft and others to keep earning.
  • Avoid high traffic neighborhoods – getting in and out quickly is key to maintaining your efficiency and accumulating orders. Know your route. Avoid tough spots to hand off the food to your customer. Avoid any area where you might have to pay for parking.
  • Accept higher dollar orders – The bigger the order, the bigger the tip will be. You can reject orders to keep your average up, but be careful because DoorDash does rate you on the percentage of orders you accept. Don’t worry too much though as you will get a warning before any other action is taken against you for rejecting orders too often.

Overall recommendation

DoorDash really is a great way to earn income from driving. The flexibility in hours is key for many people, so you can work whenever you want and as much or as little as you want. Drivers report that this company compares well to its competitors and to other ways of earning from driving.

More resources to learn about DoorDash

There is a Reddit group for drivers – https://www.reddit.com/r/doordash/