What are the best groups to advertise on Facebook?

How do you spread the word about your opportunity on Facebook? Well we recommend many ways but one important part of your strategy Facebook groups. There are several methods to connect in groups as well. We will discuss these methods and give you a list of the best groups to advertise on Facebook. Join these and start posting to see results on your opportunity. If you have a group to add to the list plese include it in comments.

One often overlooked tab in groups is the files tab. If you open it up you can create a file or upload a file to the group. Adding information here is a great way of getting long term exposure. When you open the ‘add doc’ button you will be given a blank slate much like a word document. You are even given the option to include a header picture.

Another great way to get eyes on your business is to make videos. These can be uploaded into the discussion or uploaded into the video tab. Videos are more important on Facebook all the time and see more views than text or even photo posts. Be sure to try several takes to get a good polished product to upload. You can always try Facebook live here too if you want to gather a live audience.


Of course the most common way to get to a group is to post your offer in the discussion. Use a catchy image or even a video to catch their eyes. Most groups don’t want you to post more than once a day but some do not mind additional posts.

When posting to groups there are some things to consider. If you post -here is my link!- a few people will see it on their feeds and maybe a few more when they check the group. If you ask a question or want the viewer to comment this can be a much more effective tool. Because of Facebook’s algorithms, every time someone comments on your post it bumps to the top of the feed. When this happens it is as good as you making a new post.

I have seen posts linger at the top of a group for days, garnering hundreds of comments and generating a massive amounts of leads from one post. This is your goal, for the post to ‘go viral’ within the group and get huge exposure. I recommend you do not include your link in every post. Also keep in mind that if you post your link too many times of too fast, Facebook will block you to slow you down. They do not want their platform flooded with free advertisements, which they then consider spam and treat accordingly.

Are you ready for the list? We have had success with these ten groups which all have at least ten thousand members. There are so many groups on Facebook, you should discover and join more that are in your niche too. If the group is too big your post will drop down the feed too fast for anyone to see. If the group is too small no one is watching. So there is a sweet spot between ten thousand and fifty thousand that you want to focus on. Here they are, the best groups to advertise on Facebook. Just join and post. Good luck and thanks for reading! Remember to add a group in comments if you want our viewers to join that one as well.











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