20 places to publicize your blog post for free

Why is it important to have places to share your blog post?

You researched a title, matched it with a long tail keyword. Not missing a detail, you found the perfect header image and tweaked the alt description.

You dug down and put together a couple thousand words of amazing content. Everything you know about SEO and readability was included in this gem of an article.

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So many factors to consider, like a juggler you kept them all in the air at once to cultivate this fine piece of written work.

With hours of effort behind you, breathing a sigh of relief you think to yourself, “This is gonna be huge!” You press that publish button and wait.

Is this the time to move on to your next impassioned post and start over? Well if you want your cherished blog post, raised like one of your children, to languish in the far off reaches of the internet and never find it’s way to your audience then the answer is yes.

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In truth, what happens after you hit the publish button is just as important as all that painstaking work you did to make it just right. It is a waste of time to dedicate your time to writing a post that no one will read.

Publicizing your post to get it in front of as many eyes as you can is crucial to your success.

Depending on how and where you publish your blog there may be some automatic sharing in place. We want to help you go way beyond that point. Let’s not spend any money to do it, all these places are free to use.

Blogger Basics For Newbies

Here are 20 places to share your blog post. Not every post will belong in all these places but every post will need some publicity. You may click on these links below and use them directly.

If you know of another great place to share, please comment and let our readers know what it is. We are all in this together and helping one helps all with no harm to your own effort. That is why we put together this list, to get you closer to your goals.

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Facebook – Be sure not to get sucked into the feed for an extended period of time. We are here to publicize and get out. You should definitely have a dedicated page for your blog like this one. Share your post there so your potential fans can see it right away.

Also join and post in a few targeted groups like How to earn money online. We run this one and keep it spam and scam free with a US, Canada and UK focus.

If this group doesn’t line up with your audience, try joining these or others that align with your reader and post there.

Pro tip. We have a special group just for you. It is called Blog Sharing Threads and Blog Traffic and Blog Views. It is dedicated to helping you get views and engagement for your blog from your Facebook account!

When you apply for membership and link your blog we will share it on at least one of our social accounts. We welcome you to join!

Pinterest – This is a hugely popular site and is very visual. Get your graphics game in order to get the most from this social network and take in the juggernaut of traffic.

Join some group boards like Pinterest Strategies for a Beginning Blogger or Blogging For Beginners and share that link love by creating pins. Learn to use Pinterest by reading our effective Pinterest strategies.

Get more serious by reading advanced Pinterest strategies for better results. This platform is changing and regular learning and adjustments are advised for optimizing the return on your time.

Twitter – No matter what topic your blog covers, people on Twitter need to hear about it. If your tweet catches the eye it can be retweeted and catch fire.

Gain an audience by following people. Use the search tool for people who are interested in your topic. Here’s a pro tip, make lists. Here is a valuable one you can follow.

There are many accounts on Twitter that are dedicated to helping bloggers gain views. These accounts tweet blog post share threads, or they retweet blog posts for anyone who mentions them.

More Income, Better Lifestyle has compiled a list of these accounts for you. Follow this list of share thread and retweet accounts to explode your tweet impression count!

We heart it – A place for people to find favorite content. Follow and be followed.

Pearltrees – similar to the two above, share and be shared when you connect with people on this simple site.

Exchangle – throw your link into the list and it will be seen by people looking for things to read. Great site for traffic.

Reddit – This site has great potential but be careful, they will not look kindly upon selfish promotion. Work your site into the conversation here.

Blogger – Post content here to point back to your site.

Bloglovin – Again, post content and link your blog for more exposure.

Tumblr – Similar to the above two free blogging sites, post your content here to link to your main blog, gain followers by engaging with posts.

Medium – Super cool content publishing site. Get your brand out there and you can see big results.

More places to share your blog post!

FinderMaster – If you want Google to see your blog and think it’s a big deal, put your link in here. Free classified ads can make sense for some blogs.

WallClassifieds – They want you to post a free ad for your blog content here. The whole world is watching.

LinkedIn – Not just place to leave your resume. Post articles and links for people to find. Connect with a like minded community.

Flipboard – Create your own magazine of pages for people to flip through, creative solution and easy to do.

Triberr – Wow, this site has a lot to offer. Sign up and look around, connect your feed to reap the rewards of this blogger community.

Viral Content Bee – Help others get traffic and get traffic in return. Neat system that rewards you for interacting with other blogs.

Feedly – Add your blog here so people can find it.

Quora – Are you an expert in the topic of your blog? People have questions for you. Answer them and direct them to your blog for more info. This works like a charm.

Some of these sites can be connected to your WordPress powered site to share automatically. We recommend linking them as much as possible to save time.

What is one of your favorite places to share your blog post that is not on this list? We would love to hear about how it boosted your traffic, let us know in the comments!

Good luck and happy sharing, we know you write solid content with good value to your readers. Now to find that audience.

P.S. We encourage you to mention your social media accounts in the comments, and follow those who mention theirs. We are stronger together!

-Marian and Paul

44 thoughts on “20 places to publicize your blog post for free

  1. I was always in a lot of blogger FB groups, which are great, but I recently realized that I wasn’t in any interest groups on FB related to topics that I blog about. That has been a great strategy too! Thanks for this post.

  2. Thank you for all the tips here. I totally agree with your post. Years of blogging taught me that it is not only about posting articles on your blog platform. There is also a need of interaction. Posting your blog articles in different platforms will certainly increase its popularity.

  3. This is such a great post and very informative as well. As we move into the modern era of technology this seems to be the norm nowadays. You definitely have a wide range of site that can help individual help with their post. Thanks for sharing such wonderful article.

  4. Thanks for the helpful resources! We are looking to expand our blog readership and followers and this is a great starting point.

  5. Thanks for sharing links for the website you mentioned and how each one works! Great tips for bloggers to use and take advantage of 🙂

  6. You hit on all of my favorites! There are a couple I don’t do because it wouldn’t be good ROI for my time. But there are a couple I haven’t even tried yet. Thanks for some great resources!

  7. Some of these places I have not heard of, and considering how much I do online that’s pretty impressive to me! Thank you for these resources with us.

  8. Thank you for this helpful information! I just launched my blog a few weeks ago and this is just the information I was looking for to help me with growing my presence and blog traffic!

  9. I’ve had a bad experience with Reddit, but I’m eager to give the other a that you have shared a try. It’s really hard to find an audience, I really appreciate you sharing this article. Thank you

    1. Hi Tisanke,
      Reddit can be tough. It is a community like FB and subreddit admins have lots of control over the content there. I would suggest creating an account if you do not have one, then posting to your own subreddit, which is just your user name. If you gain followers or anyone looks at your profile, they can then see your posts. As an added benefit, these posts will become nofollow backlinks which are good social signals for your blog.

  10. I love reading books and blogging my opinion about them, but when it comes to these more technical things, I’m completely clueless. Thanks so much for sharing this list, I had no idea there were so many of them… ❤️️

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