I’ve cashed out over $100 in the last month from this simple survey site and I have proof. Here’s how I did it.

If you take surveys online for money, this is going to be your favorite site soon. If you do not yet take surveys to make extra money, or have tried but gotten frustrated and stopped, this is going to be your favorite survey site soon. I cannot promise $100 a month for you but I can tell you it is happening for me and it could for you as well.

So lets get right to it as I understand that you don’t have time to waste. If you want to just go directly to this site and register now click here.


A few people clicked that link above and are already registering. They are going to be pleasantly surprised to learn that they will make over a dollar just to sign up to PaidViewpoint!

Now that you know the name of this little jewel is PaidViewpoint, have you ever heard of it? I have been a member since July of 2014. There are a few unique aspects of this site that just keep me coming back again and again. Everyone I know that has signed up says the same thing too. This site will never stress you out or let you down!

If you have taken surveys for awhile, you might have just chuckled when I proposed that this site will not stress you out. Doesn’t it feel sometimes like taking surveys to make a little side money turns into an epic struggle to finish and earn a few pennies?

I’ve had nightmares of being asked the same basic questions over and over just to get nowhere! Well this site is different.

PaidViewpoint wants you to be honest and consistent in your answers to their partners when being given a survey to complete. This is the one and only reason they will ever ask you the basic questions about your own profile. They want to know that you are telling the truth.

To judge you on whether you really are who you say you are, this site give you a score. You start at zero. The more you take surveys and demonstrate that you can answer the same question the same way twice, your score goes up. Oh don’t worry.

Every time you are asked to do this, you will get paid for every click. Ten cents each and every time they ask the mundane. What are your hobbies, what kind of car do you drive again? Theres will be no wasted time at this site.

Once you have been deemed worthy and gotten your Traitscore all the way up to the top at 10,000 (like mine, not to brag) then PaidViewpoint thinks you deserve more. You will get a bigger share of the pie than that newbie answering their first survey.

After all, they are just a stranger and you are a loyal survey taker, steady and reliable. You get considerably more payout for answering the same survey! This is one of my secrets. Get your Traitscore to 10,000 by completing surveys on the site. You can choose whether the site notifies you of a new survey.

Do you want to get emails every time a survey pops up? With this simple survey site, yes you do. Another tactic to maximize your survey time is to take surveys the moment they are available.

Have you ever been told that the survey is closed or that they do not need anyone else from your demographic to take the survey? You have! But imagine if you clicked and took the survey right away, one of the first to do so.

Another secret of surveys, you want to be the first to take it. You will get way more opportunities turning to cash this way. My earnings reflect this aggressive approach.


I mentioned that this site is unique. Their transparency is amazing. As I said earlier, you will get paid ten cents for every short survey that updates your traits.

These are usually between ten and fourteen easy questions. The real difference, though, is when you take a ‘biz’ survey. That is one paid for by a partner, getting your opinion on a topic.

There are two incredible facts about these honey holes. First, if PaidViewpoint invites you to a survey, you will not get screened out for demographics. Read that again. You will not be screened out. If you click on the survey link, then you will be able to take the survey.

Now, each survey has a time limit, some as short as three or four hours, a window to click. But if you are in that window, you will get paid! Wow, if you can name another site that has that feature, please let us know in the comments because it is my absolute favorite thing about this one.

The second unbelievably upfront and mind blowing fact about the surveys at PaidViewpoint? They tell you what each individual answer is worth while taking a survey. Yep. In the corner there is a dollar amount.

You click yes or no or whatever the answer to the current question, then you get paid the amount shown. Holy smokes there is something about this that just makes me really happy to be taking surveys on this site. I have worked so hard for individual pennies when starting out making money online.

There is something very satisfying about seeing a bigger number, like fifteen cents, for just one click. Knowing that every click in this entire survey is going to be worth the same, so cool. I get sad when the survey ends lol!

You can probably tell that I am a fan of this site. The bottom line is that they pay. I cashed out $80.86 on July 4th 2020. Again on July 17th 2020 I cashed out another $17.02. Then just before I began writing this post to tell you the good news, I cashed out $15.04 on August 7th. Below is a screenshot of that cash out as proof that they do honor their word on payment.

Before you click the cashout button, have your preferred method saved. PayPal, Amazon or gift card are all options. I choose Amazon for two reasons. One reason is that I feel like my family orders enough from them to supply a small local warehouse. We spend money on Amazon lol.

Second is that the reward is instant. I click cashout, it pops up to click for my code. My code shows on the screen and I scan it into my amazon account on my phone. Around ten seconds from cashout, I am on Amazon looking to spend that money.

This latest cashout went to cat treats. The eighty dollar cashout bought a new mini fridge for the spare bedroom so my mom can visit Denver and stay at our home in comfort with her drinks and snacks.

I have laid it all bare here. I cashed out $112.92 from this site in thirty three days. The cash outs went instantly into my Amazon account to spend on my loved ones. Taking surveys does not have to be painful.

You have now found a simple survey site that never disqualifies you or screens you out of survey. Click here to register and start making money at this simple survey site PaidViewpoint. If you have another site as good as this one in your arsenal, please share it so we can all join too!

Please let me know how you liked PaidViewpoint in the comments. If you have another simple survey site that really helps bring home the bacon, let us know and I will even allow you to post your referral link in the comments.

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