Easiest Referral Programs For A Beginner

For those just starting out with referral marketing, it is nice to see results immediately. You may need to start with the easiest referral programs for a beginner if this is important to you. Even if you are an experienced marketer there is always opportunity to add offers to your current mix.

Below are the programs I have found it easiest to get referral signups and make money from them. All the programs are different but most give you the same goal. Get people to sign up for free websites and be rewarded.


These are all free to participate so you can learn without spending any money. I have joined and gotten referrals to all of these programs so we know they are legitimate.


You will need to register at the programs below to become an affiliate. This gives you the permission to promote their offers to others. Most times it is just an email and confirmation.

Some of these even give free bonus money as soon as you register. That is a good way to get referrals, letting them know that they will get a boost toward getting paid right away when they sign up.


I suggest using a dedicated email for all your referral and other marketing efforts. This helps you keep track of emails from your affiliate programs.

They might run special promotions and keep you up to date on your offer. Terms may change including the area you can promote for referrals, the amount of reward for each and other things.

Once you register with all the easiest referral programs for a beginner, copy your referral link and get promoting! The more people that see your offer the more will sign up. Don’t just ask friends and relatives, don’t even just use Facebook. Use the whole internet to promote.


I suggest spending 25% of your time learning how and where to promote, and 75% of your time implementing what you’ve learned.

This way you will always grow and make more money over time, just stay consistent and spend some time each day or week. Good luck, here they are!


FusionCash – This site has huge potential. They offer a $5 bonus to those who just register. They offer you, the affiliate, $1 any time anyone registers. Any time one of your registered referrals completes an offer you get $2.

The biggest prize in this program is whenever your referral cashes out, you get $5 every time for life! They focus on surveys, offers, videos and similar ways for the user to earn.


I’ve made a lot of money through this program and hesitate to give it out but you need a winner right off the bat. Go promote!

Swagbucks – Another long time favorite, I still make at least a dollar a day from using this site and sometimes much more. New users get offered a $10 signup bonus, one of the best for a survey/task/offer site.

You, the affiliate, get $3 for each new user. A bonus of $1 per user will be paid if they install the swag button (explained on the site).

The best part of this program is the 10% commissions you get on all the lifetime earnings of all your referrals. The longer you refer and gain a list of active users under you, the more that passive income will flow your way.

Their link is accepted anywhere you go. Read our article on how to make the most of Swagbucks.

BrandedSurveys – This is a well run survey site. They used to be called MintVine and I have been using them to make money from surveys for many years. Users like the daily poll that pays 5 cents every day for one click.

Get $.50 for each new user you refer. Share that link with as many people as you can and you will see the money come into your account in no time.

Target survey takers! Read our article on how to make the most of Branded Surveys.


SurveySavvy – This is one of the classiest survey sites out there. It has been around for more than 20 years. Their two tier referral earnings program means that you can recruit referral marketers to work for you, kind of like I’m doing now. Get people to sign up and refer, and make money from their referrals!

I love watching the money pile up from each person I’ve referred completing surveys and also from people they’ve referred to the site! The rewards are in cash and they are big.

Active members will make you a lot of money. Read our article on how to make the most from SurveySavvy.

Get them to sign up for SavvyConnect and they can earn $15 each month guaranteed for very little effort.

InstaGC – As you can see in the above banner linked to my InstaGC account, I have earned money at this site. With $.10 per referral as a registration bonus, and 10% commission on lifetime earnings of users worldwide, this one keeps paying me.

At nearly $2 per referral so far, this site has huge lifetime potential. I have been earning commissions for the person that referred me for six years now and I’m still using the site. Worldwide is the keyword here, a huge market for you to gather referrals.


FlavorWiki – We all eat. Join this unique food testing site and reap great rewards. I like being a member and this is a site that gives me joy to use. Join the site and review food. Get paid for it. Refer a friend to a specific food tasting and get $5 each time.

This is a no brainer. You and your friends get paid to eat exciting new foods on the market. I’m taking the cereal surveys now and making $41 to buy and eat breakfast cereals. My pantry is stuffed from using this site!

Qmee – Your referrals will earn by searching online, taking surveys, cashback offers and more. You get $1 the first time they cash out. There is no minimum cashout so teach them how to earn a few pennies and cash out so you get your dollar!


PaidViewpoint – Your referrals will like using this survey site and stay active. Earn an industry leading 20% commission on all their activity up to $25!

For passive income this site is awesome. Read our article on how to make the most from PaidViewpoint.

You will see the money keep rolling in even after you stop referring and if you take surveys you are going to really like this site as one of the best survey sites around.

Another great advantage of this one is that it is worldwide. This greatly increases the earning potential and gives you a huge base of future referrals.


Robinhood – Thank you for joining Robinhood! We both just received one share of free stock. It’s usually around $5 but could be over $200! Tell all your friends and get free stock when they sign up too! That could be your ad. The value of the free stock you get can be over $200 but is usually around $5 average.

You can earn up to $500 per calendar year referring new users so get those referrals in before the end of December and start over on a new $500 potential! Users here will need to link a bank account, as this is a free investment brokerage account.

If you want, just sell your free stock and withdraw, close the account. But I would keep getting referrals and watching your portfolio grow. This is really one of the easiest referral programs for a beginner with big payouts.

Rakuten – This is a huge cashback shopping site, and well established. Ebates sold the business and the new owner changed it’s name to Rakuten. Earn a whopping $25 for a referral that makes a purchase through this site.

They make it tempting with another free $10 to the new user who is making the purchase.

Big trustworthy site, your task is to find people that have not joined, maybe younger people starting to make big purchases are a good target?

TopCashback – Earn a decent $10 for every referral that uses the site. While this site is less well known than Rakuten, the cashback offers are in some cases the best on the market between all the sites.

The best deals are here, and people want to know. There are many people that use cashback apps but haven’t heard of this one yet.


What are the easiest referral programs for a beginner? The above list has some variety and you should be able to find more than one that can be a homerun for you.

Please comment and let me know when you get your first referral earnings, it is such a pleasure helping people earn their first dollars online as referral marketers.


Join social networks, start a blog, start groups and boards and pages and have fun! Look at classified ad placements, blog comments, pins and bees.

Above all else, do not give up. If you join and promote all of the offers above, you will make money.

Remember to spend 25% of your time learning all aspects of your craft and 75% of your time implementing what you’ve learned. This is going to be huge for you!

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