Advanced Pinterest Strategies For Better Results

Welcome to our post on advanced Pinterest strategies for better results. Hopefully you have already read Pinterest strategies for a beginning blogger. That post covers the basics of getting started with Pinterest. If you have an account, created pins and boards, have followed and been followed you should be able to get a big boost in results from the strategies in this post.

One thing at a time

Mastering Pinterest, just like anything new we tackle, has a learning curve. You may be using some of the strategies outlined below, or none at all yet. The journey to earning more online should be a continuous push to learn the next level. This is a great way to give ourselves a raise! More Income, Better Lifestyle advises you to spend 25% of your time online learning more about your craft, and 75% of your time implementing what you’ve learned.

Keep learning to get better results

If you have become complacent and only use the knowledge you have learned previously, you are falling behind those who have learned a new technique or tip today. Keep learning to keep climbing that ladder until you are the expert, at the top of your chosen field. This is our goal for you and everything we do here is in that spirit.

Goal of this post

This post provides useful information on advanced Pinterest strategies to get better results. The reader is introduced to new areas of learning involving Pinterest, and provided deeper understanding of Pinterest in areas they might already know or be using. Some of the most up to date and practical information on how to get results for using Pinterest successfully are discussed here. Only the best industry practices are discussed, and improved results from these areas are widely agreed upon among experts.

Topics of this post

We are presenting four areas to implement advanced Pinterest strategies for better results here. They are using Tailwind, using hashtags, creating video pins and using Pinterest Trends to your advantage. Let’s discuss each of these now and learn why they matter to your results.

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Why not use the number one tool for Pinterest?

Did you know that Tailwind is the most used app for organizing, scheduling and analytics in Pinterest? Over 500,000 accounts on Pinterest are using this app. Tools are only there to maximize our effectiveness in any task we undertake, and this is the one every Pinterest strategist wants in their bag.

Tailwind allows you to get results for free

Tools like this are easier to judge if you have a chance to kick the tires. Tailwind understands this and has confidence that people will really come to like what their app can do for Pinterest accounts and the successful results people get. Register and log in for free.

Most find this tool easy to learn and use

They start you off with a guided tour of some of the main functions. Then you get your first 100 scheduled pins for free. No charge for those. They don’t even ask for a credit card. Tailwind can do this because perhaps once you use the software and understand it’s value, you will never want to be without it. By the time you schedule 100 pins through them, this tool will be indispensable and your account will have grown considerably.

What can Tailwind do for you?

We want to introduce you to Tailwind because we know it has helped people earn more income online through Pinterest. Your advanced strategies for Pinterest are not complete until they include helpful tools like this one.


This is one of the problems most users have. Pinterest seems to reward slow steady consistent new pins. At least three pins a day, every day and spread out. You will be happy to see how easily you plug pins into a schedule with Tailwind. Now, whenever you can make the time during the week, get a big chunk of pins scheduled for the whole week in one sitting. You don’t have to wait by the computer all day remembering to pin. No more disruptions to the plan.


People log on to Pinterest at certain times of the day. This has been studied and patterns are there to be used to your advantage. Tailwind knows lots of useful things like that one and automatically incorporates them into your advanced Pinterest strategies for better results. You will get a custom made schedule for your new pins, because Tailwind knows what time your potential audience is looking at their screens each day of the week.

Every pin you publish from now on, will be automatically timed throughout the day for the maximum number of impressions and engagements. No more pins falling silently in the Pinterest woods with no one to hear it. You will make more income if every one of your pins has a fighting chance to be popular from day one. Why should you ever have to worry about executing this strategy again? With Tailwind you don’t have to.


Tailwind has a function called Tribes. These are groups of like minded users that help each other go viral on Pinterest. Joining and engaging with Tribes has been proven to increase your results on Pinterest. Getting repins from people who have a similar following means your engagement rates should soar since more interested people will be seeing your pins. You don’t have to scrounge for followers that have nothing in common with you or your pins, who never engage with your posts. Now you have a tool to make it easy and get proven results. You are going to do better than most.


You need to be using hashtags as part of your advanced Pinterest strategies. If you are not doing this for every pin yet, we suggest you start immediately.

What are hashtags on Pinterest?

We need to keep in mind when devising advanced Pinterest strategies for better results, that Pinterest acts like a huge search engine. It is called a social network but there is less interaction and banter than on most. Really what users are doing is searching for useful, practical, valuable or entertaining things they want to know more about or see more of. Pinterest has employed the hashtag to help users find what they’re looking for.

Where do hashtags go?

On your pins, place the hashtags at the end of the description. Use # then the keyword you want Pinterest users to see, for example #advancedPintereststrategies. Hashtags do not have spaces. Now once you publish the pin, these hashtags become blue, clickable and searchable. Place as many relevant hashtags as you think have value, but no more than twenty per pin.

How do hashtags help get better results on Pinterest?

Say someone searches for a hashtag you’ve entered to the description of your pin. They type it in the search bar on Pinterest or even in Google search. Now all pins on Pinterest with that hashtag show up. So if someone searches ‘advanced Pinterest strategies’ in Google or on Pinterest, any pin that has #advancedPintereststrategies in the description will show up in the results.

If Pinterest users and all those searching for the things you write about on the internet are fish, then each unique pin you post on Pinterest with hashtags is a section of net. Also remember that pins can be searchable indefinitely. Using thoughtful hashtags on every pin must now be a part of your advanced Pinterest strategies. This tactic will substantially widen the net of your potential audience and help you earn more income online.


I think we can agree on some things involving video posts. Once we realize these looming trends and what they mean to our success earning more income online, then the importance of video will be self explanatory.

Video posts are changing social media

Whether you’ve said it out loud or not yet, you realize video is becoming the future of social media. Video posts drive more and more engagement, and platforms are giving them better exposure than images.

Movement naturally draws the eye’s attention

Let’s agree that video pins are better than image pins. Having some movement, whether animation or a short video, would bring more attention to your pins compared to any motionless image trying to convey the same message. That’s not even mentioning audio and the ability to tell a much bigger story than with just an image.

Video posts can be intimidating to undertake

Making and distributing a video of yourself talking? To many people that sounds horrible. You are not alone and many people looking to earn income online shy away from video marketing because they just do not want to be on camera. To others, making videos with high production value feels like it’s out of their reach, with software to learn and buy, cameras to buy, long hours editing videos.

The future of video is here

In reality, video posts don’t have to look like a webcam with your big face talking in bad lighting. Any modern phone can record high quality video and even has editing software in it that you’ve used to make your face into a puppy. YouTube and other platforms make it really stress free to upload and market videos. Design software like Canva means you don’t even have to star in your video, you can use their extensive library or take short videos of backdrops like a bubbling stream or a busy street and use them for your pins.

The bottom line is that if you don’t jump on this change to video, others will. Learning and mastering video posts will help you earn more income online. The time is today to get ahead of this important change to the way we connect on social media. Pinterest video pins will need to be a part of your advanced Pinterest strategies moving forward. This isn’t the only platform to get traffic from videos however. The sky is the limit with this type of media. Start by creating a YouTube account and following More income, Better Lifestyle channel.

Pinterest Trends

An option called Trends exists on Pinterest under the Analytics tab. This seemingly innocent blank page is a powerful tool to make sure you are showing Pinterest users what they want to see most, and what they want to see next.

Why is the trends tab on Pinterest?

Trends is there to connect you, the pin creator, to what Pinterest users want to see. Pinterest wants pin creators to use this information to create more relevant pins for users. Creating pins that no one is searching to see wastes your time and Pinterest screen space. Pinterest has a goal here to provide users with more useful information, handing you this trend data on a silver platter to be a top performer. Scroll down the whole page to see lots of valuable charts and categories of pin performance overall on Pinterest.

What does Trends tell us

The Trends tab holds such valuable information for pinners because it tracks two important but simple search metrics. The first stat tells you the number of times someone searched for that term in recent history. Naturally pins that cover a topic searched more often will get better results than a pin pointing to a topic that no one cares to learn about. The second tells you whether the amount of searches for that term are trending up or down. This shows us what is becoming a larger topic of search and what terms are seeing interest go down.

How to use Trends to get better results

We want to find the most wanted terms relating to your pins. Of those, we use terms that are increasingly wanted. Search keyword phrases in Trends surrounding your general blog subject matter, pins you have posted, possible article or pin ideas. Choose pins that match up with trending searches.

Trending Hashtags

Incorporate hashtags of the exact trending terms getting the most hits. Make your hashtags as varied as possible while still relevant to the message. Match the trending topics to the focus of your pins. Let Pinterest know you’ve created content their users want to see by using the hashtag system that Pinterest wants you to follow. This will give you the best opportunity to have a wide audience.

New pinning ideas

If you are having trouble coming up with pin keywords to focus your message, check out this really slick page that Pinterest has put together just for you. It’s called Pinterest trends It is customized to each country, just how you want it. This page is basically Pinterest screaming and waving their arms begging you to pin about these topics. Take a look around and see what is trending. Your boards, pins, descriptions, meta data, blog posts, alt descriptions etc etc etc…those can all come from these terms and have better success. Not just on Pinterest. This is the pulse of the culture. Use it to your advantage and jump into categories that have people starving for pins.

Time to create the best pins ever

You have now hopefully considered adding at least some of these advanced Pinterest strategies to take as your own. The goal of Pinterest marketing is to increase your impressions, saves, and ultimately clicks on pins. By using Tailwind, hashtags, video posts and Trends you can be more successful spreading your message on Pinterest.

We enjoy discovering the newest, best and brightest industry practices and bringing them to our readers. Our focus and only goal is to help you make more income online. Many aspects of earning online are continuously evolving and we know it is essential to keep learning. Follow this blog by submitting your email to get future posts in your inbox. We will continue to work to help you learn and grow your efforts online.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, we love hearing from readers.


Marian and Paul


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