Pinterest strategies for a beginning blogger

Pinterest account setup

We are going to assume here that you know what Pinterest is, you have an account, and you know that Pinterest is important to your marketing strategy as a popular visual social media. Having successful Pinterest strategies for a beginning blogger is going to be essential for your success.

If you are familiar with Pinterest and have studied the platform already, you will want to also read our advanced Pinterest strategies for better results post.

There are many more nuances to Pinterest strategy than are discussed in this post. You can really dive deep and optimize every aspect of your Pinterest presence and you should. Follow our model of spending 25% of your time learning your craft and 75% of your time implementing what you’ve learned and you will quickly see results.

Follow to be followed

If you want your content to be seen on Pinterest, you can grow a following to get organic views. Look around on Pinterest and search for people with the same interests. Follow people on the same boards as you.

One approach that we advocate often when learning to blog is to look at your competitors. Who already has a blog in your niche? Who would have the same type of followers? Their followers might naturally want to be your followers since you both blog on the same topics.


Search for your competitors in Pinterest using keyword searches in the search bar. Click on their profiles and follow those who follow your competitor. You will soon see many of these people follow you.

Start by stealing my followers!

Get on Boards

On Pinterest there are personal boards and group boards. Create some personal boards about your topics. Then find some group boards. I recommend joining at least one group board a week until you have plenty to post in, maybe up to 50 depending on your activity.

You will post all your pins on your relevant personal boards as well as on group boards. One of the Pinterest strategies for a beginning blogger is to post three pins a day and save them each to around ten groups. Each pin can be in totally different groups or you can have some overlap in relevant groups.

Become a collaborator at the group boards Blogging for Beginners and Online Income Opportunities now. Join these boards then ask the creator for permission to post.

Create pins

Pinterest posts need to be visually stimulating and sharp. To stand out is to be clicked. We highly recommend you use a professional site like Canva. They make it incredibly easy to make stunning designs for Pinterest. You can choose a ready made template and just change the test, or design your own from scratch.

Pins should probably be 1500 high x 1000 wide. The picture should draw in the viewer, with the title and maybe a very brief teaser description to get the viewer to click. Your pin URL will point back to your blog post or site, driving visitors to exactly where you want them.

Share pins

Some experts recommend that up to twenty percent of your pins should actually be shares of pins you did not create. Mix in some good content for your readers. There is plenty of room online for a multitude of marketers and tips. Share posts that give insight to your readers and maybe on topics you haven’t covered.

Sharing pins from other people adds richness to your boards and gives you more credibility if you choose quality pins. Pinterest also favors boards in search that have a diversity of pinners and pins. Having quality shared pins on your boards can lead to more people finding and following them, as well as keeping your readers engaged with the board.


If you struggle with consistency in creating content to pin, use sharing to fill in those gaps until you can generate another top quality pin. Go to any blog with social sharing buttons and hit the Pinterest red P to share the post to one of your boards.

This post is optimized to be shared at Pinterest, in case you were wondering!

Connect with other bloggers

Join social sharing sites like Viral Content Bee. This site is for bloggers that see value in their social media posts getting shared. Basically you share their blog posts to your boards and they will share your blog post on their boards.

This will get your pins seen by many more readers and give you some posts to share on your own boards. The site has a neat way to ensure that everyone shares.

Promote your pins

You may not want to actually spend money to get blog viewers. This might only make sense if you have something to sell on the post. If you have been denied to advertise on Google or other places you could still find success.

We highly recommend using some A/B testing to see which pins get the most interactions. You can wait to see how pins perform before committing money to advertise them. The pins that get more attention naturally could be good candidates to advertise since readers engage with them already.

Pinterest makes it super easy to advertise, or promote, your pins. Experts say that Pinterest might be the most economical social media site to advertise. You get more bang for your buck here than in most places.

Don’t stop learning now

Hopefully now you have looked around inside Pinterest and gotten familiar with the format. Our goal here is to get more people to see your pins, leading to more clicks through the pin to your link. Funnel those readers.

If you want to go deeper into Pinterest strategies for a beginning blogger, read our post Advanced Pinterest strategies. This will help you keep making more income and improve your Pinterest game even more.

Thank you for reading, we love to share information with our readers and keep our only goal in mind always – for you to make more income.


Marian and Paul

Pinterest Strategies for a Beginning Blogger
Use these Pinterest tips to get more views.

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    1. The key for me was when I started using Canva to create pins. It is a powerful tool to make those pins look top notch and attractive to click on. Thanks for the comment!

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