Earn more on PaidViewpoint Surveys

Stop getting disqualified for surveys. Survey takers know the routine. You can get disqualified at any point in a survey, and endlessly. It is enough to make you give up. But you can earn more on PaidViewpoint surveys since they never disqualify or screen you out.

This post is part of our Online Survey Training series where we dive into the details of exactly how to make more when you take surveys online. It’s all free and packed with industry leading tips and insights.

PaidViewpoint remains one of the most reliable honest easy survey sites in the world.

Never being screened out is one of the best qualities of taking PaidViewpoint surveys. If you eliminate the need to answer any unpaid questions it goes a long way to making surveys worth your time.

What is PaidViewpoint?

PaidViewpoint is the market research survey site built upon 4 principles:

  • They pay cash for every completed market research survey.
  • They never screen you out once you’ve been invited into a survey.
  • They’ve cracked the code that takes “boring” out of the survey answering experience.
  • They respect your privacy and do not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

PaidViewpoint is part of Survey Sites Group One. These are all good quality sites and our training involves many of them. Check out the list and see if you need to add any more of these potential earners to your daily routine.

Topics in this post

PaidViewpoint is as straightforward and honest of a market research company as any we have ever seen. We will go over each area of the site in this post.

  • Demographics
  • Trait Surveys
  • Biz surveys
  • Traitscore
  • How to get surveys
  • Referrals

Goal of this post

PaidViewpoint does not play games with you. They are a slightly different breed of survey site than you might be used to dealing with. Our goal with this post is for you to be familiar with all the areas of the site and how to make the most of the opportunities there. After reading you should be able to earn more on PaidViewpoint surveys.

Earn even more on PaidViewpoint surveys


Like other survey sites, PaidViewpoint first needs to know who you are and where you fit into the crowd. They will ask the typical questions like age, race, income, location, family and others. Survey sites do this to make sure they get a good mix of people that represent a slice of the entire population they are looking to gauge.


Many of your answers to these questions will never change or need to be adjusted. You are who you are, right? But some things like salary or where you live could change.


Be sure to keep these tidbits up to date. When something like this changes go into the demographics tab and update it. You will be asked about these questions later and you want them all to be accurate. Your Traitscore depends on this, which we will talk about a little later.

Trait Surveys

These short surveys are great. They are typically around ten to fifteen simple questions each. The best part of these Trait surveys is that you get paid ten cents for each one, without fail.

Some of the questions on here will be repetitive and will mirror questions you’ve answered before. Many of these will come straight from your demographic info. Some will seem very specific and random.

You might get a Trait survey up to once a day and sometimes even more. Why does PaidViewpoint send so many of these short simple surveys your way? There are two reasons.

The first reason is that they are looking for specific traits to match you with Biz Surveys. We will talk about Biz surveys in a little bit, but that’s where the bigger money is to be made.


It is important here to smell what they are cooking. If they ask you what kind of toothpaste you use, it’s probably because there is a toothpaste survey right around the corner.

Let them know your interests and remember they are fishing for good matches to a Biz survey so you should always fill these out when you have time. You get paid for it!


The second reason is to test you. That’s right. PaidViewpoint is going to ask you the same demographic question over and over throughout your relationship with them, and they are looking to see if you are consistent in your answers.

See they don’t play games like we mentioned earlier, but they do want to ensure that you are being honest in your answers. This way they deliver the highest quality survey to their customer, the one who is paying for the information you provide.

Biz Surveys to Earn More on PaidViewpoint

This refers to the ‘real’ surveys offered by this site. All the trait surveys you have filled out and been paid for lead to these gems.

You should get an email when one of these becomes available. Be sure to have this notification turned on inside the site.

PaidViewpoint believes in short concise surveys. You get paid for each individual click you make in these surveys and they are worth it.


I see an average of 8 to 10 cents per click and up here. It is so refreshing to know you will not get screened out and be able to finish every time.

One of the keys here is to complete these as soon as they are available. This is how you capture them before the quota fills up.

While you won’t get disqualified once you start, the number of people allowed to take each one is limited so act fast!

Taking surveys as soon as they become available is a big way to earn more on PaidViewpoint.


Personally I have made several dollars a day from these, and they can come in clusters. You may also have several days where none are offered.

The best way to get these is click on the email notification and take it right away. You can also go to the site and see if you missed an email, you will be told if there are any available like we talked about earlier.


The traitscore is another unique element in PaidViewpoint. The score goes from 0 to 10,000. You will start out at 0 but your goal is 10,000.

Remember the trait surveys? Well, every time you answer a question with the same answer as the last time you were asked the same question, your traitscore goes up.

When your traitscore goes up, you get bonus points for answering surveys. Yep, this means that you can be taking the same survey as a peer but get paid more.

Why does PaidViewpoint do this? Well it is a big reason why they get surveys from their customers. Trust.


If you are a corporation and you are paying PaidViewpoint to find out the opinions on your products, it is so important to know that those opinions are real and accurate.

PaidViewpoint wants to reward you for being a survey taker they can trust. Simple. So they do it by asking you the same question over and over throughout time, to see how you answer.

You can earn more on PaidViewpoint

Most survey sompanies do this, calling it a screener and then disqualifying you after you’ve answered the basics. We have all been there.

But PaidViewpoint is different. Not only do they pay you for each answer on your traits but if you are honest you get bonuses on your biz surveys for it!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all survey sites treated their takers this well? Unfortunately they don’t, but now you can experience this joy.

Taking the short ten cent trait surveys and answering honestly will help you earn more on PaidViewpoint by increasing your traitscore.

How to get surveys

There are only two ways to get surveys on PaidViewpoint.

Remember that you will never get screened out of disqualified once you start a survey. You get paid for every click you make in a survey, too.


When a survey becomes available, the site sends you an email. The email is slightly different depending on if this is a trait survey or a biz survey.


Once that email goes out, you can click through the link in the email or log into the site and go to your dashboard. The site will tell you exactly how many surveys are available.


If you want to earn more on PaidViewpoint, referrals are really the way to start some passive earnings.

This site makes it simple and provides a referral link. You can share the link anywhere online. How do you get paid for referrals on this site?

A generous 20% of your referral’s earning are going to become yours. This counts for biz surveys which are the big money surveys here.


If they make $1 from a survey you are going to get $.20 automatically! With the kind of money people are earning at this site you can start to see the money pile up quickly.

Share the link on Facebook, in groups and pages and on your feed. Share on Twitter or any other social media too.


You can even share this link in blogs on comments if allowed. For every person that clicks your link and signs up the commissions are automatically added to your account!


To earn more on PaidViewpoint you can do a few things. The first thing to do is make sure your profile info is accurate and complete.

When you get notified of a survey in your email, take it right away to almost certainly be able to complete and get credit.

Take all the trait surveys and answer all the questions accurately to boost your Traitscore. This will give you bonus amounts of earning.


Last but not least, if you want to earn more on PaidViewpoint than the surveys you are offered, refer some friends and people on social media to get even more income.

This site is one of the best because you will never get screened out and never get disqualified from surveys once you are invited. Join today and start earning!

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