3 sites to follow for beginner blogging tips

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When you decide to start your first blog, a whole new world opens up. It can take a lifetime to learn everything there is to know about blogging. Every new blogger needs sites to follow for beginner blogging tips.

Information overload is real and can squash a blog’s future. Here is one of my own beginner blogging tips. Spend 25% of your time learning about your craft and 75% of your time implementing what you’ve learned.


The ratio can change. Maybe at first you spend 50% of your time learning. Over time you may be able to cut back the learning to 10%. The idea that you always keep learning and you incorporate those lessons into your blog stays the same.

Just because you are in the beginning stages, doesn’t mean you cannot create. Part of implementing future learning will include going back to your old content and making it better or giving it more support.

Hey fellow bloggers! Put your own tip in the comment for the new bloggers, or a link to your favorite beginner blogging tips post!

Blogging Basics 101

The name of this first site is actually a tip. When your reader sees your site name, what do they expect to see inside? This site nails it. Their name and purpose are one in the same.

Visit https://www.bloggingbasics101.com/ to get trusted resources and insight. This blog is easy to read and follow. It has been featured in national settings as a leading expert in the field. Be sure to look through what she has to offer.



The Blog Starter

Do you want to start a blog and need help getting through all the steps? Look no further than this great site. As the name implies, they are focused on getting you started.

Scott has a style in https://www.theblogstarter.com/ that makes it easy for someone with few computer skills to go step by step from the very beginning to get your blog started. Even if you have already taken steps down this path, go back and see what he recommends. You might pick up an obvious detail that you missed.



Do you really want to immerse yourself in blogging and all that comes along with it? Then this might be the site for you. Jon really has a knack for looking at all the angles of a task or choice within a blog and giving you confidence that you are on the right track.

With https://smartblogger.com/, beginner blogger tips are just a starting point. This site will keep guiding you through your blogging journey until you are making gobs of money.

Get Started!

There is a plethora of resources and advice out there for beginner blogging tips. With the three sites above, you will get a good foundation of knowledge to get going on that dream blog. Keep writing and learning, if you do there is no stopping you!

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