10 Twitter Retweet Accounts for Bloggers

As a blogger, getting exposure on social media is increasingly more important. Arguably, at the top of the social media mountain lies Twitter. This platform is at the center of social buzz. As Twitter can be a valuable part of your success, you need to know the best Twitter retweet accounts for bloggers.


What are Twitter Retweet Accounts for Bloggers?

Some accounts on Twitter commit to retweeting other accounts. When you mention or tag these accounts, they will spread your post to their followers by retweeting it. The accounts chosen below specialize in helping bloggers get their writing seen by more people. They are part of a supportive community of bloggers that you can join and draw strength from them.


Why use these retweet accounts?

The entire point of social media is to connect with other people. You want your blog post seen by as many prospective readers that you can. When your tweet gets retweeted, naturally it is going to get more eyes on it.

Who are the best Twitter Retweet Accounts for Bloggers?

So let’s get to this list. I will link each, and copy their profile description for you here. All of these accounts have a significant number of followers that will see the retweets and drive engagement.

TRJ For Bloggers (@TRJForBloggers) / Twitter

Helping bloggers in every way. Daily threads, Qs & As (#TRJSupport), group chat, FB group & Pinterest boards! Use #TRJForBloggers for RTs. Run by @TheRayJourney

Bloggers Hut ✨ (@BloggersHut) / Twitter

Positive & inclusive place for all bloggers. Include “@BloggersHut#BloggersHutRT” for a retweet! Ran by @eenasaurus & @wasabaee


Blogging Babes RT (@BloggingBabesRT) / Twitter

Tag us in your posts for a RT! Creator: @heyitsaliquinn | @blogging_babes Join the Blogging Babes Facebook Group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1028452373970169

Blogger Love Share (@BloggerLS) / Twitter

Blogger Love Share is a positive and fun space for everyone. Use the hashtag #BloggerLoveShare for a RT and let’s share the love. Creator @clemloves

BlogLove (@bloglove2018) / Twitter

Community of bloggers, writers & influencers to promote, share & learn. Pls use @bloglove2018 & #bloglove2018 for RTs!

All Those Blogs! (@allthoseblogs) / Twitter

#AllThoseBlogs Made for bloggers by bloggers | Follow/Mention for RT! – Comment threads daily on @AlishaValerie


The Cliqué – Bloggers RT (@theclique_uk) / Twitter

Retweet account for bloggers! Daily threads to connect with others! USE THE HASHTAG – #theclqrt for retweets !

🌸BloggersTribe🌸 (@BloggersTribe) / Twitter

Blogging Community. Use #Bloggerstribe for RT. Daily threads to help get your content out there & engagement up. Run by @ofaglasgowgirl

Loving Blogs (@LovingBlogs) / Twitter

A promotional network and for bloggers to promote their work. Tag @LovingBlogs in your posts.

BBlog RT (@BBlogRT) / Twitter

A promotional network and online community for bloggers to promote their work! Tag @BBlogRT for a RT #BBlogRT ran by @pixelsbyemma


Active List of Twitter Retweet Accounts for Bloggers

All the accounts above will increase your exposure on Twitter. @lamontpll/Blog Sharing and Retweets / Twitter is a long list of accounts like those above. Follow the list and we keep the best accounts updated for you, a reference to use when you want to tag a community.

Twitter can be very rewarding to bloggers if you use it correctly. Do you know of other Twitter retweet accounts for bloggers? Please share them in comments!

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  1. I really love being part of the blogging community and it’s great there are so many accounts that support us and provide space to share our work. Thanks for this list, there’s a few I haven’t encountered yet so I will be following.

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