Review of Branded Surveys

Have you heard of the online work from home site Branded Surveys? This complete review of Branded Surveys will cover the reputation of the site, payment proof, the earnings potential and tips on how to earn more on the site.

Branded Surveys is mainly an online survey site where you get paid for your opinion on a variety of subjects, like the name implies. Our goal at More Income Better Lifestyle is to help you earn online.

Check the reputation of this site

The first thing we recommend to do when thinking about dealing with an online company or even joining a free website is to check their reputation. Found often online are outright scams or bad actors.


These characters may try to sell your personal information. They may be after your email address. The worst may take your money without honoring the promises they make. They may just simply waste your time. So how does Branded Surveys stack up against the rest?

Community ratings

SurveyPolice users rate this site around 3 out of 5 stars. Trustpilot users give this site a better rate of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Sitejabber rates this one 3.14 stars which is 10th overall for survey sites and a decent score. Like most survey sites, this one has its strengths and weaknesses and different users have varying experiences and success using the site.


We will help you earn the most with tips later. More Income Better Lifestyle wants you to be one of the successful users since this site looks legitimate.

Ownership and history

Branded Research owns and operates Branded Surveys. They were formed in 2012 and are headquartered in San Diego California. Their public survey site called MintVine up until 2017 then changed to Branded Surveys.


Getting paid

Will you actually be paid and how can you get paid? These are among the most important questions about a site to earn money online. Most users report that they get prompt payment from this site.


We joined and have cashed out many times from the site, including this payment below, which happened just before they changed from MintVine to Branded Surveys. We have also cashed out after the change, with our experience being two days from withdrawal request to payment received.

Branded Surveys payment proof
This review of Branded Surveys includes a payout proof screenshot.

Users can choose to cash out to PayPal. Also, direct deposit into a bank account is an option. Other options include gift cards including a Visa prepaid card. If you are able, there are also many charities available to donate your earnings directly.

Guaranteed daily earnings

Branded Surveys offers a daily poll, which pays five cents. If you log in each day and scroll down and click the multiple choice answer, you are done! Taking advantage of guaranteed daily earnings at free sites is a great way to boost your income, focusing on what earns money and ignoring the things that do not.

Taking surveys

The site tailors surveys to your profile. Branded Surveys breaks down your opportunities into categories like ‘Survey Spotlight’. This is the top category and probably the most likely to complete easily for taking a survey. Exclusive surveys is another section to look at.

Other sites administer these surveys and will not bring you back to Branded Surveys when complete, although you will get credit for them here. One of the categories that is a sure winner is the TV studies. Answer some questions about popular shows on television for earnings here.


Being active pays off

The more surveys you complete on the site, the more bonus points and levels of rewards you will earn. I check each day for attractive surveys to try. Rewards appear for being screened out, which is nice compared to many sites. The site also uses answers from every survey you attempt to match you with better opportunities.

Taking surveys online for money can be rewarding if you know what sites to use. Let us guide you with four of the best sites to earn extra at no cost.


Getting referrals

Do you have some marketing skills? If you are able to get others to register for this site, you can make some extra income by getting referrals. Share the link to join Branded Surveys on social media or to your friends and take advantage of their commission program.

Earn fifty cents each time you refer an active user to the site. This can add up since the site is free to join and the more people you show the offer, the more will join.

We can help you become an effective referral marketer even if you are just starting out. There is no need to struggle to earn online. With the right guide you can be successful. Check out the easiest referral programs for a beginner.

Final review of Branded Surveys

After the review of Branded Surveys we can come to a good assessment of the site overall. Among survey sites, this one ranks fairly high. Join Branded Surveys.

Some pros to the site

It is above industry average in only offering you surveys that you will qualify for, and when they screen you out, they pay a reward anyway. They pay promptly according to most accounts. The minimum cashout amount is ten dollars. When you cash out you have quite a few choices to get your money. The referral program is easy and the loyalty program can pay off over time.

Some cons to the site

This site is not going to generate a huge income each month. You will get surveys and up to one good one a day for sure but you may not be able to cash out more than once a week if you cannot refer new users.

Earn more income online

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